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The Ascom Enterprise Platform

What our customers say…

No two Ascom Enterprise Platform solutions are identical. But each is a business tool—designed to deliver measurable commercial benefits.

The cases below give just a hint of the scope of the solutions enabled by the Ascom Enterprise Platform. They show how the platform’s components can be combined to meet a various business and technical challenges. And they demonstrate our unrivalled experience in mission-critical communications and workflow optimization.

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Ascom Enterprise Platform | Integrate. Orchestrate.Enable.

The Ascom Enterprise Platform connects people, equipment, processes and systems to streamline workflows and support truly efficient decsion making.

Customer case - Wernsing Feinkost

When Ascom and foodstuffs producer Wernsing Feinkost first discussed a communications solution, one top priority soon emerged: worker safety. That’s because staff often work alone, sometimes in refrigerated warehouses with temperatures of -25°C (-13°)...

01093-02-ENX Ascom Enterprise RC Wernsing ref story.pdf

Customer reference case - Wernsing Feinkost

Download the full reference case here
Ascom Enterprise Platform | Customer reference story from Wernising Feinkost

The Ascom solution helps maximize worker safety and logistics managment at a large, complex distribution hub.

Real improvements in worker safety and efficiency

The comprehensive communications solution from Ascom has led to real improvements in worker safety and efficiency. Moreover, the scalability of the solution helps protect our investment. We’re delighted to have found in Ascom a strong, trustworthy partner able to support us in these areas.”

Christian Lübbers

IT Director, Wernsing Feinkost

Customer case - Mars Wrigley

Mars Wrigley, the world’s leading manufacturer of chocolate, chewing gum, mints and fruity confections, has deployed Ascom enterprise communication solutions at five of its French facilities. Each solution is an advanced management tool that integrates and automates all technical and personal alarms...

00950-05 ENX Ascom Mars ref story.pdf

Customer reference case - Mars Wrigley

Download the full reference case here
Ascom Enterprise Platform | Customeer reference story Mars Wrigley

The Ascom solution was able to address each plant's specific processes, while also connecting them into a network.



Protecting isolated workers

The Ascom platform allows us to better protect isolated workers.”

Jan Froehlicher

Computer Methods and Maintenance Technician at Mars Wrigley France

Customer case - Guerbet Group

The Guerbet Group is a world-leading manufacturer of contrast agents and devices for diagnostic and interventional imaging and Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Two of its facilities in France are active-ingredient manufacturing plants, and are certified as satisfying the rigorous safety standards of the EU’s Seveso Directive. So when the company decided to upgrade its on-site communications and safety alert system it turned to Ascom...

01723-02 ENX Ascom Enterprise Guerbet ref story.pdf

Customer reference case - Guerbet Group

Download the full reference case here
Ascom Enterprise Platform | Customer reference story from Guerbet Group

The Ascom solution is helping Guerbet satisfy the rigorous standards imposed at two of its Seveso Directive-compliant facilities.

Deep integration with equipment and process alarm systems

One of the key benefits of the Ascom solution at our Seveso Directive-certified plants is the deep integration with equipment and process alarm systems.”

Patrick Cong

IT Project Manager at the Guerbet Group