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Four examples of how Ascom Telligence benefits staff and patients

Ascom Telligence | Quick charting via TelliConnect

Quick charting. The wall-mounted Ascom TelliConnect Station gives access to key data from multiple sources. Automatic HL7 output can be used to update EHRs, supporting faster visibility of patient needs and better-informed care.



Ascom Telligence | patient and nurse

Automatic capture of caregiver presence. Ascom Telligence works with Real Time Location Systems-enabled Ascom phones to automatically capture caregiver presence. A caregiver simply enters a room, and his/her identity is logged, dome lights are lit, duration of presence recorded, etc.—all without pressing buttons or carrying additional devices or passes. This reduces the need for administration, and automatically logs care-delivery records.

Ascom Telligence | Nurse with Myco 3 mobile device

Automatic nurse rounding recognition. When a nurse with a Real Time Location Systems-enabled Ascom phone enters a patient’s room when rounding, Ascom Telligence automatically recognizes her/him, and generates a record. No need to repeatedly pause and manually register presence. Also available for compatible third-party devices.   

Ascom Telligence | Patient device monitoring with nurse

Patient device monitoring. Data from patient devices is clearly displayed in user-friendly formats. Devices are connected with new Ascom SafeConnect magnetic quick-release connectors to help minimize the risk of device damage.


Letting caregivers focus on care

“The Ascom Telligence Patient Response System leverages nurse call infrastructure, enhancing it with powerful communication, coordination and documentation tools. It promotes better care by capturing key information and making it available at the bedside. And it enables centralized task creation and management, as well as automatic recognition of staff presence—letting caregivers focus on care, instead of manual administration and logging.”

Kathleen Snyder

Senior Global Product Marketing Manager, Ascom

Four key ways Ascom Telligence bridges digital gaps for more informed patient care

Ascom Telligence | Leverage your nurse call infrastructure

Get more value from your information and investments

The system leverages nurse call infrastructure and enhances it with communication and documentation tools.

Ascom Telligence | Provides a portal to patient records

Obtain important details for informed decisions

Provides a portal to key patient data and critical information systems to help clinicians make informed decisions.

Ascom Telligence | Easy access to clinical information

Easy access to key clinical content

Digital information derived from applications, devices and systems is made accessible for faster visibility of patient needs.

Ascom Telligence | Key clinical information at the bedside

Easy, efficient documentation

Allows key information to be shared from the bedside for better information collection that translates into more efficient care.

Multiple products from Ascom and third parties support the features and functions described. All Ascom solutions and products may not be available in specific countries.