Ascom Healthcare Platform Solutions

An unmatched, customized and multi-dimensional approach

Ascom Healthcare Platform creates optimized clinical workflows and digital information flows for actionable coordinated care. Our healthcare information technology solutions make patient needs visible and actionable, information accessible, and streamline information flows to facilitate responsive care coordination across teams and points of care. And it all begins with solutions tailored to your organization's specific needs. 

An integrated, end-to-end platform: The Ascom Healthcare Platform offers multiple modular hardware and software solutions, customized to meet the specific needs of your organization and care teams.

Interoperable: Open and technology agnostic, Ascom Healthcare Platform integrate with existing hospital information systems, medical devices and technologies, to help ensure clinical information is more accessible and actionable. 

Flexible and scalable: A comprehensive healthcare solution designed to meet today’s clinical care demands and grow with your hospital's requirements around patient centered care. 


ascom healthcare platform overview

The Ascom Healthcare Platform: Delivering actionable clinical digital information that flows efficiently across medical systems, medical devices, care teams and points of care.

Unlock the full value of medical devices, systems and care teams

Making the most of digital clinical information and healthcare information technology requires a range of carefully  considered and integrated solutions across software, hardware, applications and support - exactly the breadth of solutions available with the Ascom Healthcare Platform. Below you can read more about these components, and how Ascom solutions work togetherand with existing technology to optimize care communication, coordination and delivery.

Ascom Consulting Services

Consultancy and Technical Services

Laying the foundation for digitalization and workflow optimization.

Ascom healthcare information technology consultants work with customers to reduce complexity,, configure customized solutions and create streamlined digital workflows. From integration to implementation, training, support and life cycle management, Ascom experts ensure clinical solutions work seamlessly to support actionable and informed patient care.




Mobility smartphones and handsets

Mobility Smartphones and Handsets

Making clinical information accessible for better-informed and coordinated care.

By bringing together clinical care data often managed over multiple devices and systems, Ascom Myco smart device and handset solutions make patient care needs, notifications and updates more visible and close at hand.  Through built-in voice, secure messaging, clinical care applications and tools Ascom mobility solutions connect clinicians and teams to enable care management, communication and coordination from the point of care to anywhere.

Medical Device Integration

Medical Device Integration

Connecting medical devices and hospital informations systems, allowing near real-time patient data to be more accessible and actionable.

Ascom solutions support more than 200 devices from respirators to infusion pumps, CVVH units and more.  Ascom Unite and Digistat software solutions help unlock clinical data. Through integration, vital clinical data can be incorporated into patient overviews and made accessible in EMRs, care dashboards, applications, etc.




Third party applications

Ascom and 3rd Party Apps

Enabling workflow efficiency, productivity, information management and care. 

Leveraging a portfolio of clinically aligned workflow solutions, Ascom digital applications help capture, organize, calculate, notify and streamline multi-step, multi-location workflows.  From vitals registration to early warning scores, alert notification, rounding, patient transfers and more, clinical applications support information sharing, coordinated care and updates across points of care.


Ascom Healthcare Platform | Orchestration software

Orchestration Software 

Extending the reach, timely delivery and access to actionable care insight across care teams. 

By capturing, filtering and directing alerts, requests, notifications, etc. , Unite and Digistat software solutions help optimize clinical care work and information flows. With tailored solutions, we help streamline coordinated care, highlight care needs, connect care management and support informed care decisions across mobile care teams and points of care.



Patient Response Systems

Patient Response Systems

Bringing together critical patient care information and needs for more responsive care.

Ascom Telligence helps clinicians view, track and efficiently manage calls with streamlined communication and collaboration. Supporting integrated patient centric care and clinical workflows from the bedside, clinical teams can efficiently access near real-time care overviews, manage alerts and requests to ensure the voice of the patient is always heard.

Ascom nurse and patient benefits

The Ascom Healthcare Platform: Patient care needs made visible and actionable

healthcare platform solutions enabling device

Patient overviews, tools and alerts insights always close to hand

Strengthening patient-centered care

Supporting care response, coordination, delivery and patient satisfaction with optimized digital clinical workflows. 


Faster response times


Helps reduce alarm fatigue


Easier access to clinical information


Less duplicate documentation


Increased time on patient care


Fewer instances of miscommunication

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Multiple products from Ascom and third parties support the features and functions described. All Ascom solutions and products may not be available in specific countries. Contact an Ascom representative to learn more.