Advanced Resident Response and Nurse Call System

Generate detailed resident insights. This Resident Response and Nurse Call System with powerful Ascom Unite software integrates with EMRs and other third-party systems.


Reinventing nurse call for residents, staff and families

  • Ideal for larger facilities and multi-site care groups
  • Ascom Unite connects carers’ phones to EMRs, devices, monitoring systems, residents and colleagues 
  • Captures and analyzes key data for continuous improvements 
  • Promotes speedier, better-coordinated responses
  • Filtered alerts and messages mean a quieter, homelier, more relaxed atmosphere
  • Digital logging and auditing for families’ peace of mind

Ascom Unite: the power behind our Advanced Resident Response and Nurse Call system

Ascom Unite extends alerts and key information to mobile staff. Carers gain on-the-go access to residents, devices, other IT systems, EMR systems. And as it’s modular, you can add features to match changing needs. 


Smartphones and mobile devices for every size and type of long-term care facility

Ascom mobile devices range from the Android Enterprise Recommended* Myco 3 smartphone to a range of DECT and VoWiFi feature phones. All approved for healthcare use. 



  • Unite Messaging Suite Sales Brochure

    Unite Messaging Suite Sales Brochure

    01644-01 ENX Ascom-Myco 3-elderly-care-brochure final-10032061.pdf

    Ascom Myco™ 3 Enabling personalized, discreet elderly care

    Ascom Myco 3 elderly care brochure
    01547-03-enx-ascom-myco 3-product sheet.pdf

    Ascom Myco 3 Support streamlined workflows, fast responses and fact-based decisions

    Ascom Myco 3 product sheet
    Improving care for dementia residents

    A Helping Hand’-An Ascom whitepaper on how technology can promote the safety and dignity of dementia residents in long-term care facilities

    Facilities that care for people with dementia face numerous serious challenges. One of the most pressing is how to provide the safest, most secure environment possible—while simultaneously promoting each individual’s dignity, independence and quality of life. Smart technology such as wearable transcievers and location beacons can go a long way towards achieving this crucial objective.