Freedom with security.
Freedom with security.

Wanderer Control—the intelligently compassionate tracking solution

Facilities that care for dementia residents face tough challenges. One of the most pressing is how to provide the safest, most secure environment possible—while simultaneously promoting each individual’s dignity and quality of life. An Ascom Wanderer Control solution can go a long way towards achieving this key objective.

Such a solution typically consists of wearable transceivers, low-frequency location beacons, movement sensors and two-way communication systems. They enable staff to easily monitor and track a resident’s whereabouts. At the same time, the solution helps maximize mobility and freedom of movement for those suffering from dementia. And of course, knowing that their loved ones are in a safe yet dignified environment can help reassure residents’ families.


Wanderer Control - freedom with security.


Solution Products



Solution Products


  • How the Ascom Wanderer Control solution can help residents with dementia

    By maximizing freedom of movement within a secure environment, the Ascom Wanderer Control Solution can contribute to enhanced self-esteem among residents. Mobility also promotes exercise and social interaction among residents with dementia. Other residents, too, stand to benefit from the deployment of smart technology in long-term care facilities, as the absence of loud alarms and frantic searches for wanderers helps create a calmer, more peaceful atmosphere for all.

    The solution also facilitates what the Alzheimer’s Association calls “engagement in meaningful activities”, something which it describes as “a critical element of good dementia care”. Such meaningful activities help residents maintain their functional abilities, and can enhance their quality of life by providing choices and a sense of community and enjoyment.1


    1. Dementia Care Practice Recommendations for Assisted Living Residencies and Nursing Homes. 2009. Alzheimer’s Association Campaign for Quality Residential Care. [accessed 2017 January 31]

    Maximizing freedom of movement within a secure environment.
  • Solution architecture

    Architecture description

    Each solution typically involves a combination of Nurse Call infrastructure, software—usually Ascom Unite software—and mobile devices. Each element is integrated into a solution that delivers smooth collaboration and communication between individual caregivers and care teams.

    Solution products

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