Protect your staff. Guard your stores. And stay discreet.
Protect your staff. Guard your stores. And stay discreet.

Ascom personnel alarm solutions for department stores

Customer satisfaction requires mobile personnel; staff who can quickly attend to customer demands and events throughout a store. But mobility can leave staff vulnerable, especially when working alone at large retail units or malls and parks. Which is why so many retailers worldwide entrust Ascom to devise their personal safety and alarm solutions.

Every retail unit is unique. So it only makes sense that their personnel alarm solutions are customized—devised to specific needs and infrastructures. Ascom specializes in such systems; integrating different infrastructures (DECT, IP, cellular) and handsets to provide maximum staff and facility security.




Solution Products


Solution Products

  • Personnel alarms for department stores

    Devising personal alarm and security solutions requires specialist knowledge, and an understanding of the daily realities facing Retail staff and managers. It also usually involves integrating various systems and technologies: 3G, WiFi, LF, Paging, RTLS, base stations, IR tags. And that’s before the solution is even commissioned. Then comes staff training, scheduled maintenance, around-the-clock support, and software updates. Your organization’s needs may change, too. You may want to refine your solution’s location accuracy. You may want to implement ‘man-down’ and ‘no-movement’ features. You may want to integrate your staff’s handsets with energy, refrigeration and other technical alarms. Or you may want to equip staff with Ascom d81 ‘Protector’ handsets, quite possibly the most robust handset ever made. Whatever your Retail security needs, Ascom will find an answer. 

    Fast facts

    • In 2014, an average of 241 retail workers were attacked daily in the UK1

    • Direct cost of crime to the UK’s Retail industry was 613m GBP in 2014-152

    • The retail trade and service industries account for more than half of workplace homicides and 85% of non-fatal workplace assaults in the US3
  • Solution architecture


    Architecture description

    Ascom staff safety solutions for department stores typically integrate infrastructure, mobile handsets and software. These solutions are open and scalable. They interoperate with virtually all existing systems, and can be altered over time to meet your hotel’s changing needs. 

    Solution products

    The products shown below are only a part of Ascom’s total hardware and software offering. To see the complete product portfolio, click on ‘Products’ in the main menu. Contact your nearest Ascom office or representative to learn more about specific Ascom solutions, products and services. 

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Other solutions

The availability, configuration and technical specifications of Ascom products, services and solutions may vary from country to country. Please ask your nearest Ascom representative for further details.