Ascom Secure Facilities solutions

Secure facilities call for extra-secure wireless communication and alarm systems. For solutions with robust locate and track capabilities, with multiple personal safety features, with rugged network connectivity, and smooth integratin with existing systems. Ascom solutions can be used in any type of secure environment: police stations, detention centers, sensitive or controlled areas, embassies, defence installations, etc. Contact your nearest Ascom office or representative to find out more.    

Correctional facilities

Ascom communication and personal alarm solutions are tailored to the physical and operational demands of correctional facilities. They offer a range of locate and track technologies and multiple personal safety features (man-down, no-movement,  rip-cord, silent alarm, etc.). And they are scalable and vendor-neutral, allowing for easy integration with third-party systems and apps. Ascom solutions are end-to-end, every element has met the toughest durability and performance standards--and works together as an integrated whole.     


The Ascom Enterprise Platform

The Ascom Enterprise Platform is a uniquely complete communications and workflow portfolio for industry, retail, hospitality and secure establishments. Used and trusted by companies worldwide, the Ascom Enterprise Platform integrates with virtually any telephony, alarm, IT and process management system. The platform includes enterprise-grade hardware, software, mobile devices (including ATEX-certified phones), and tailored after-sales support and service.