Ascom Telligence annunciators enable workflow solutions for the way your hospital wants to work. Whether nurse call events and patient requests are handled in a centralized or de-centralized manner, Ascom Telligence annunciators provide information to your staff where and when they need it most.

Innovative workflow features such as the ability to upgrade patient calls to a higher priority on the fly, and options to create a detailed service task within the system to communicate specific patient requests to a specific level of caregiver help eliminate needs steps in the care process. 


Streamlining workflow helps nurses focus more on patients and outcomes

Fast facts

  • Standard RJ-45 connector and category 5/5e/6 cabling for easy installation
  • Telligence Advanced Audio Technology that provides crisp, clear audio communications in virtually any setting
  • Available with hands-free audio or optional handset for private conversations 
  • Capacitive touch, high-resolution color display with swipe and touch navigation
  • Service task functionality that makes it easier to identify and more quickly resolve patient requests
  • Configurable service tasks mean frequent requests such as a blanket, pain, toilet, water—and up to 21 total—are available at the touch of a button.


  • All the same features and benefits of the staff console in a wall-mountable configuration. Add a handset for private conversations, or use hands-free. 
  • Increase staff awareness with system wide visibility to events and service tasks, which means staff can see the latest status from any onsole/annunciator, PC, or Ascom phone display.
  • Reduce interruptions to staff by presenting service tasks only to the appropriate persons through role-based assignments (when integrated with Ascom Unite and mobile phones).
  • Annunciators are extremely flexible and may be configured to receive calls for a specific ward or filtered to receive a single type of call, such as code blue only.  

Related Products

Specific functions and features of the Ascom Telligence 5 system might require additional Ascom products or software to be installed. 
The information herein describes product models, versions and features that are not available in the United States. Ascom makes no guarantee that they will be made available in the United States. For currently available models, versions and features in the United States, please contact an Ascom North America sales representative or distribution partner.