Staff Consoles

Ascom Telligence Staff Consoles provide visibility to patient calls and service tasks, with a flexible configuration that supports a wide variety of care models, streamlining communication and enhancing staff communication and collaboration. Staff consoles deliver integrated service task reminder functionality, designed with input from hospital staff, to:

  • Simplify and improve care coordination among team members.
  • Reduce unnecessary steps and activities for staff members.
  • Speed response times to patient requests.
  • Enhance patient satisfaction by ensuring patient requests are never lost.

The new staff consoles are specially designed for caregivers, and are among the most intuitive and flexible available. They add context to conversations and deliver information where and when staff need it most.


Less work, more flow with enhanced communication and collaboration

Fast facts

  • Standard RJ-45 connector and category 5/5e/6 cabling for easy installation
  • Telligence Advanced Audio Technology that provides crisp, clear audio communications in virtually any setting
  • Remote volume controls allow staff to adjust audio levels for each room to safely communicate with every patient.
  • Capacitive touch, high-resolution color display with swipe and touch navigation
  • Service task functionality that makes it easier to identify and more quickly resolve patient requests
  • Configurable service tasks mean frequent requests such as a blanket, pain, toilet, water—and up to 21 total—are available at the touch of a button.


  • Simplify call handling by enabling any caregiver to distribute patient requests, eliminating the need for staff to write notes for each other.
  • Increase staff awareness with system wide visibility to events and service tasks, which means staff can see the latest status from any onsole/annunciator, PC, or Ascom phone display.
  • Support patient safety, staff can immediately elevate normal calls to emergency or code events from any console/annunciator, PC, or Ascom phone. No need to go to the patient room first.
  • Intuitive icon-based user interface provides easy navigation and is consistent across the entire Ascom portfolio. Staff can easily recognize and use any Ascom device. 
  • Reduce interruptions to staff by presenting service tasks only to the appropriate persons through role-based assignments (when integrated with Ascom Unite and mobile phones).

Improve care communication and collaboration with Ascom task management

Typical workflow for staff members to attend to a patient request can involve ten or more individual steps, often requiring staff to use more than four different systems or technologies. With Ascom Telligence service task reminder functionality you can eliminate many of these steps, which means staff members can eliminate time spent managing patient requests leading to faster response times for the patient.

Ascom Telligence greatly simplifies handling of patient to staff requests, eliminating the need for staff to write notes to each other.  With Ascom's task management capabilities, staff can initiate requests from any Ascom device which include the staff console, Ascom Unite View or mobile phones.

Requests are tagged to specific patient rooms to provide notifications for follow up and completion. All events are logged for end to end reporting. With a common user experience across all devices, staff training is greatly simplified. 
Ascom Telligence. Designed for nurses and front line caregivers. 



Related Products

Specific functions and features of the Ascom Telligence 5 system might require additional Ascom products or software to be installed. 
The information herein describes product models, versions and features that are not available in the United States. Ascom makes no guarantee that they will be made available in the United States. For currently available models, versions and features in the United States, please contact an Ascom North America sales representative or distribution partner.