Always available. Always updated.
Always available. Always updated.

Protect your Ascom Myco. Protect your productivity

The Ascom Myco Product Protection Service

Staying on top of your communications solution can be a distracting business: software is continually updated… staff and patient expectations are always evolving… workflows are in constant flux. But with the Ascom Myco Product Protection Service (PPS), we help ensure your organization’s Ascom Mycos are always available, and always up to date. That’s because the Ascom Myco PPS offers everything from automatic software updates to remote support; from prioritized repairs and product replacement to on-site refresher training. The various services are available at Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum levels. This lets you select services best suited to your organization. And gives you the flexibility to meet changing needs and conditions.  

Fast facts

  • Annual update of software and functionality
  • Replacement of Ascom Myco units that have been accidentally damaged
  • Prioritized repair service available
  • Remote technical support is available for all levels except Bronze
  • Interoperability service gives you access to interoperability test reports performed on Ascom Myco