Train and gain.
Train and gain.

User and Technical Training

A communications solution is only as efficient as the people who actually use and maintain it. So it’s critical to keep your staff up to speed with their Ascom systems. Fortunately, this is easily done thanks to our comprehensive range of training programs. Whatever you industry, we can help ensure your employees get the most out of their Ascom solution. We can also train managers and planners; helping them use data generated by our solutions to devise more efficient workflows and processes. And of course, we also train and certify technical and ICT staff—giving them the skills they need to keep your solution up and running.

Fast facts

  • Training ranges from basic end-user competencies to advanced technical support.
  • Training is available for virtually all industries. For example, our clinical consultants are qualified nurses who can show caregivers how to make the most of their Ascom solutions. Other trainers are specialists in Retail. Others have a background in training end users in manufacturing industry.
  • Analytics is an increasingly important aspect of on-site wireless communications. We can show your managers and executives how to extract valuable data from an Ascom solution, and use them to improve efficiency.