Keep the wheels of justice turning.

Ascom solutions for courthouses and administrative buildings

Enhance staff safety and communications integrity. Benefit from Ascom IP-DECT and VoWiFi systems and rugged Ascom handsets. Install a backward-compatible and future-proof solution that grows in step with your needs. Boost staff morale with accurate positioning and automatic distress alarm functionality. Integrate with existing communications and third-party systems. Ascom—comprehensive communications for courthouses, administrative buildings and other public environments. 


  • Ascom personnel alarm solutions >

    Ascom personnel alarm solutions >

    Ascom communications systems help strike the balance between public accessibility and worker safety. These systems keep personnel mobile and approachable. But also gives them instant access to advanced personal alarms and location finders.
  • Ascom technical alarm solutions >

    Ascom technical alarm solutions >

    Ascom specializes in breathing new life into existing infrastructure. We use the wiring, servers, hardware and software you already have. And turn them into rugged, adaptable solutions that can be changed over time as your needs change. Ascom communications solutions: helping the public sector get more value for taxpayers’ money.