Ascom Unite Cleanminder

Monitor and remind caregivers to comply with hand hygiene procedures

Reducing hospital-associated infections (HAI) is crucial in improving overall patient safety. Hand hygiene remains one of the most important interventions, if not the most important element of infection control activities. The ability to track and measure hygiene compliance is an important step in reducing the risk of patients contracting HAI while in the hospital. Monitoring should be conducted on a routine basis and documented. Lack of awareness of low compliance rates can hinder and undermine adherence to hygiene procedures.

Unite Cleanminder is a software application that monitors and reminds caregiver to perform hand hygiene when entering or leaving a patient room. It delivers mobile message reminders to staff and tracks hygiene compliance, delivering standardized reporting on compliance to staff and aministrators.


Hand hygiene is fundamental to a safe patient environment


Fast facts

  • Continuously track and log when staff perform hand hygiene
  • Enable connected hygiene dispensers with location-based monitoring via Ascom Myco
  • Provide audible and visible hygiene reminders to staff upon entering or exiting patient room
  • Provide compliance feedback to staff


  • Automated solution that reminds and measures hand hygiene compliance
  • Streamlines workflow by having hygiene compliance embedded in the operational process
  • Helps improve caregiver hygiene conditions which may contribute toreduced hospital acquired infections
  • Provides detailed analytics on compliance for caregiver feedback and measuring improvement.




Note: Cleanminder is product requiring additional Ascom software and products to function apppropriately. The availability, configuration and technical specifications of Ascom products, services and solutions may vary from country to country. Please ask your Ascom sales representative for further details.

Supporting documents

Unite Cleanminder Product Sheet 01209-02 ENX

Unite Cleanminder

Product Sheet

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