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Ascom Myco 3 for healthcare

Bridging clinical information gaps for better-informed care

The Ascom Myco 3 smartphone helps bring together clinical care information that all too often is dispersed and difficult to collect. And thanks to a portfolio of clinical apps, the Ascom Myco 3 gives clinicians timely access to this information—helping to streamline care coordination, care responses and care delivery.

Ascom Myco 3 validated by Google as an Android Enterprise Recommended ruggedized device. The best of both worlds: the reliability of DECT, the apps
and services of Wi-Fi.

See how the Ascom Myco 3 smartphone works with apps and integrated devices to help streamline clinical workflows and support care team collaboration.

The Ascom Myco 3—part of the Ascom Healthcare Platform

The Ascom Healthcare Platform is a portfolio of applications, services, devices and smartphones. It provides modular health-care information and communication solutions that integrate with existing information systems. These solutions enable end-to-end information flows between systems, people and devices at virtually any point of care.

By bringing together clinical care data often managed over multiple devices and systems, Ascom Myco solutions make patient care needs, notifications and updates more visible—and keeps them close to hand for clinicians. Through built-in voice, secure messaging, clinical care applications and tools, Ascom Myco 3 solutions connect clinicians and teams to enable care management, communication and coordination from the point of care to anywhere. 

Four examples of the  Ascom Myco 3 at work

Ascom Myco3  | Nurse and patient benefits

Enabling more bedside care: single-entry vitals registration to EMRs/EHRs without leaving the patient.

Ascom Myco 3 | Barcode scanning

Barcode scanning: secure verification of patient IDs when administering medications.

Ascom Myco 3 | Nurse can access and share lab results

Enabling clinicians to access and share lab results, images, requests and alerts while on the go.

Ascom Myco 3 | Doctor and nurse can communicate and coordinate effectively

Communicate and coordinate effectively. Requests, messages, alerts and tasks go directly to assigned recipients.


Ascom Myco 3 Healthcare brochure

Download the brochure here

Ascom Myco 3 product sheet

Download the product sheet here

The Ascom Myco 3 supported apps: five key benefits for even better care delivery, staff engagement and patient satisfaction   

Ascom Myco 3 | Mobile device for  seemless communication across care teams

Provides seamless communication and collaboration across care teams

Ascom Myco 3 | More efficient patient care

Facilitates more efficient care at the bedside

Ascom Myco 3 | Faster availablility of clinical information

Enables faster availability of clinical information updates

Ascom Myco 3 | Support fast response times

Supports fast
response times

Ascom Myco 3 | Reduce double healthcare documentation

Reduces double documentation and risk of errors and omissions

Multiple products from Ascom and third parties support the features and functions described. All Ascom solutions and products may not be available in specific countries.