Project Planning, Implementation & Upgrades.
Project Planning, Implementation & Upgrades.

Project Management & Installation

Installing or upgrading a communication system to support mission critical operations requires professional leadership. Put your worries to rest concerning timelines, impact and hidden cost by allowing Ascom’s certified professionals to manage the Ascom project lifecycle. 

Rapid advancements in communication technology can yield amazing efficiencies. Ascom provides installation services to harmonize each technology and capability. Ascom holds high standards and requirements for members of an elite installation team so that they can operate in a proficient manner with clear targets. Minimize lead-time, minimize downtime and minimize project related cost by using Ascom installation services.

The process of introducing a new technology and a new way of communicating can be intimidating. Your ability to manage uncertainties and meet timelines will require improvisation. Having Ascom specialists on-site to assist during the commissioning stage of a project will put you in the best position to address unforeseen challenges in a timely manner.