Safeguard and Insure Your Valuable Ascom Investment.
Safeguard and Insure Your Valuable Ascom Investment.

Ascom Product Protection Plans

Ascom provides customers with Pinnacle Product Protection Plans (PPP) to enhance and extend the 1st year warranty coverage for Ascom’s on-site wireless systems. The Pinnacle Product Protection Plan provides enhanced coverage above and beyond the standard 1st year warranty for Ascom branded products. Ascom Product Protection Plans must be purchased before the on-site wireless system is commissioned, so ask your sales representative for more information.

Advanced Replacement

Ascom will ship replacement parts for infrastructure and central equipment to the customer and upon receipt the customer will have 5 working days to return the defective unit to Ascom.  If the equipment is not returned to Ascom within five working days then Ascom will bill the customer for the advanced replacement parts shipped.

Liquid Damage

Ascom will cover repair needs resulting from liquid damage, providing the portable handset is repairable. Some restrictions apply.

Participation Requirements

To participate in the Pinnacle 1st Year Enhanced Coverage plan, customers are required to purchase the plan from Ascom before the system and portable handsets are put in use. To participate in the Pinnacle Future Extended Coverage Plan, customers must purchase the plan before the end of their current plan. 


The Product Protection Plans do not cover third-party equipment or embedded software. Partial or mixed coverage types are not allowed.