Ascom Healthcare solutions

A worldwide shortage of nurses... rapidly ageing populations with complex chronic conditions... relentless pressure to control costs. Healthcare faces a host of  challenges; issues that make it more vital than ever to streamline clinical workflows, integrate communication systems, and exploit the performance-improving potential of data analysis. Ascom has for decades been heleping hospitals and other healthcare facilities do just that--with innovative patient alert management, mobility, nurse call and other healthcare communication solutions.

The Ascom Healthcare Platform

Non-integrated communication systems and technologies are a costly burden on strained healthcare resources. But the Ascom Healthcare Platform is showing a way forward. It combines products, services and insights into how modern healthcare really works. And unlike so many healthcare IT programs it’s not just a plan or an aspiration, but a solution that’s already hard at work in hospitals worldwide. 


Download and read the whitepaper that explains how the Ascom Healthcare Platform is helping hospitals overcome some of the most pressing challenges in modern healthcare.

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Ascom Healthcare Platform whitepaper

Download here

Customer story - Mission Hospital, US

Learn how the Ascom Healthcare Platform is transforming care—and bridging digital information gaps—at the 523-bed Mission Hospital in California's Orange County.

Celebrating WHO's International Year of the Nurse and the Midwife

As part of its program to mark the Year of the Nurse, Ascom is launching ‘Rebuilding the Backbone of Global Healthcare’, an initiative to celebrate and support the world’s family of nurses. 

Watch Ascom CEO Jeannine Pilloud launch the 'Rebuilding the Backbone of Global Healthcare' campaign--part our program to mark the Internation Year of the Nurse and the Midwife.