Enhanced Mobility For Better Guest Service
Enhanced Mobility For Better Guest Service

Ascom Communication Solutions for Hotels

Each hotel is a world unto its own: with complex round-the-clock interactions between guests, staff, suppliers, and physical infrastructures. This complexity places huge demands on communication systems. The good news is that Ascom is a specialist at mastering complexity; at integrating communications into one smooth solution. The result? A safer and more efficient hotel. And satisfied, returning guests. 


  • Staff Safety

    Staff Safety

    Hotel workers are an especially vulnerable group. That’s why they need personal alarm solutions such as those from Ascom: solutions that can locate the origin of an alarm with room-level accuracy, and that quickly deliver alerts to colleagues and security personnel.
  • Building & Technical Alarms for Hotels

    Building & Technical Alarms for Hotels

    In most buildings a stalled elevator is no more than an inconvenience. But a hotel is not like most buildings. Even short equipment downtimes can lead to guest dissatisfaction — bad news in a business driven by word-of-mouth and reputation. That’s why so many hotels worldwide rely on Ascom technical and building alarms. These systems send alerts from virtually any hotel area and equipment item directly to technicians’ handsets. The result? Speedier responses, minimal disturbances, satisfied guests.