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InterSystems TrakCare® Unified Healthcare Information System

InterSystems TrakCare® mobile-enabled user interface is now available and supported on the Ascom Myco 3 Smartphone.


Access InterSystems TrakCare® on the Ascom Myco 3 Smartphone 

InterSystems and Ascom joint clients are now able to benefit from an improved user experience and integrated management of a full range of clinical point of care data entry and review processes to simplify healthcare delivery

This new partnership offering can help staff in the following areas: 

  • One touch launch of InterSystems TrakCare with a dedicated button on the Ascom Myco 3 Smartphone
  • Imprivata for Single Sign On
  • Positive patient identification
  • Barcode medication administration
  • Viewing patient records
  • Documenting vital signs and observations
  • Completing patient assessments and questionnaires
  • Adding photos to the patient record (i.e. wound care)


Supported Markets

The solutions are supported in a range of countries globally, please inquire your local InterSystems representative or Ascom contact about availability in your specific country.


About Intersystems

Established in 1978, InterSystems is the leading provider of technology for extremely critical data in the healthcare, finance, and manufacturing and supply chain sectors. Its cloud-first data platforms solve interoperability, speed, and scalability problems for large organizations around the globe. InterSystems also develops and supports unique managed services for hospital EMRs, unified care records for communities and nations, and laboratory information management systems. InterSystems is committed to excellence through its award-winning, 24×7 support for customers and partners in more than 80 countries. Privately held and headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, InterSystems has 25 offices worldwide.