Ascom Unite Task

How the Ascom task management solution can help improve clinical team coordination and workflows

Ascom Unite Task is a highly customizable task management solution.
Designed for today’s protocol-driven workflows, it gathers tasks onto a single platform and lets clinicians access and manage them via Ascom Myco and Android™ smartphones, and in-room nurse stations such as Ascom TelliConnect.

Easily adapted to any ward or department, Unite Task can help to:

  • Optimize workflows by enabling time, task, and team management at the point of care. Support fluid workflows with easy-to-make templates for common tasks and routines.
  • Achieve continuous improvement through reporting and data collection. Support auditing and compliance
  • Implement best-practice care protocols through its centralized administration
  • Improve coordination between care teams and departments such as patient transport, environmental services, etc.

Truly mobile task Management
Unite Task has been designed as a ubiquitous tool to automate and streamline tasks and activities for hospital staff. Always at hand, Unite Task lets staff easily view and manage tasks from anywhere, via Ascom Myco and Android smartphones utilizing the Unite Task Mobile app.

Integrate with Ascom Telligence

The solution also integrates smoothly with the Ascom Telligence patient response and nurse call system, letting users easily view and manage tasks on the TelliConnect staff station in the patient room with the Unite TaskMinder application.

Key features and benefits

The ability to monitor active patient events and response times is an important tool to better understand the effectiveness of care teams.  Ascom Unite View provides several workflow options to help monitor caregiver workload and response time to patient events.


Configure to match specific needs

  • Set one-time and recurring tasks, and routines for cyclical activities. Customize according to individual tasks or routines
  • Specify distribution models: set for a specific user, groups with changing members, or for assignments spanning shift changes
  • View and manage tasks from anywhere, with the Unite Task mobile app for Ascom Myco and Android smartphones
  • Access and manage tasks at patients’ bedsides with Unite TaskMinder application on Telligence TelliConnect stations
  • Manage and supervise. View assigned and unassigned team tasks. Check the status of active tasks. Create new tasks or activate a routine
  • Enable advanced reporting. Create reports and data collection for audit trails, compliance and staff assessments

Examples of Unite Task at work

Unite Task lets caregivers easily set up rounding routines on bedside staff stations, or with Ascom Myco or Android smartphones. Different time intervals can be configured for each shift, e.g. one hour for day shifts and two hours for night shifts.
When Ascom Unite Assign is used for role-based staff assignment, rounding routines can be activated once for each patient upon admission and deactivated once at discharge. Unite Assign takes care of directing the task reminder to the right caregivers as shifts change.

Team task management

Features such as personal and shared task lists and task delegation help optimize care coordination and delivery—essential for maintaining care quality and patient satisfaction levels

Supporting documents


Ascom Unite Task product sheet

Download the product sheet here

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