Ascom supplies complete alerts and nurse call solution to new Finnish hospital

mars 24, 2017
Ascom, the leading global Healthcare Information and Communication Technology provider, has supplied a new 270-bed hospital in Espoo, Finland with a complete, integrated nurse call and alarm notification solution. The project involves the largest single Healthcare solution yet delivered by Ascom Finland.


“This is a particularly exciting project,” says Ari-Pekka Tenko, Sales Director at Ascom Finland. “The new Espoo Hospital is a pioneering facility focusing on geriatric rehabilitation and on preparing elderly patients to return home following hospitalization. It employs the very latest technical resources, and combines them with forward-thinking architecture and care delivery. It’s a perfect setting for an advanced Ascom solution.”

The Ascom solution for Espoo Hospital includes Ascom nurse call with Multiple Medical Alarm integration (MMA), Ascom Unite software, and almost 100 Ascom Myco handsets – smartphones specially designed for Healthcare. Every room is equipped with MMA that enables connection to infusion pumps, saturation meters and other equipment, as well as intelligent alarm forwarding to caregivers.

“The new Espoo Hospital features 270 single-patient rooms,” adds Tenko. “This helps control hospital infections, and contributes to restful healing, but it also means caregivers have to be reachable wherever they are. And that’s exactly what the Ascom Myco does—it keeps mobile staff connected to patients, colleagues, and medical devices.”       

According to Jari Eriksson, who coordinated ICT projects at the hospital, Ascom was chosen primarily because of the Ascom Myco and its potential to support applications customized to the hospital’s specific requirements. “The Ascom Myco lets us design hospital workflows in a completely new way—a way simply not possible with other types of communication systems.”   

Mobility and openness are hallmarks of the new Espoo Hospital. “The very architecture of this facility fights against institutionalization,” comments Jorma Teittinen, the hospital’s Medical Director. “Open any door, and you are there—no more endless corridors. Our care model, too, is fluid and mobile. Care and support will follow patients home in the form of remote access and home visits.”

The new Espoo Hospital has a staff of 403 Healthcare professionals, and opened for patients on March 6. “We’re thrilled to see our solution finally put to work,” says Tenko. “There’s something especially gratifying about helping to provide the best care possible to elderly patients—they’ve worked hard for us. Now we can work for them.”

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