The Ascom i62 vowifi handset has achieved wi-fi alliance® certification meeting stringent interoperability standards

mars 18, 2014
The Ascom i62 VoWiFi handset used in the mission-critical healthcare market has achieved multiple certifications from the Wi-Fi Alliance®. The certifications come after a rigorous performance testing process that proves the reliable connectivity and interoperability of the Ascom i62 Voice Over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) device in a multi-vendor wireless networking environment, including using WPA2TM security protocols.

-In health care facilities and hospitals, which have many critical applications running on top of their Wi-Fi® infrastructure, it’s really important that all the devices are good citizens and behave well together, and that one doesn’t cause disruptions for the others using a shared resource, said Henrik Sandberg, Manager Strategic Alliances, Ascom. With the Wi-Fi Alliance certification, the Ascom i62 has a stamp of approval that the device will work well with any other Wi-Fi CERTIFIEDTMtechnology that our customers may be using.

Interoperability, security and robust connection
In addition to its high level of interoperability, the Ascom i62 also has a robust feature set and meets the industry’s highest performance standards for security, roaming connectivity and battery life using Wi-Fi networks.

-The Ascom i62 supports the most robust security authentication and encryption schemes including WPA2-Enterprise, while at the same time providing a seamless and fast connecting roaming experience, said Sandberg. The Ascom i62 doesn’t sacrifice connectivity for security.

-The robust connectivity standard while roaming means that the Ascom i62 won’t drop calls as the nurse or staff member moves around the hospital, even if they go into areas with many other Wi-Fi applications running or signal obstructions like steel-beamed walls, said Matthew Williams, Product Manager for Ascom i62.  They will have crystal clear voice quality and reliable signal delivery for alarms and notifications. Our certification programs also ensure that battery life is dependable so they won’t be changing batteries as often.

Multiple certifications, including WMM®
In addition to a, b, g, n, WPA and WPA2 certifications, the Ascom i62 also received Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM) certification from Wi-Fi Alliance, which provides assurance that the system works optimally in conjunction with other applications, including those which manage signal prioritization such as critical alarms.

-In the hospital setting, it’s vital that important alarms are routed and escalated automatically without any signal interference or dropped or missed calls, said Williams. Ensuring patient safety is crucial at all times.

-Our mission is to provide the most reliable and high performing device on the market, and that is what we have done, said Sandberg. The Ascom i62 is a secure device running the latest encryption technologies while offering a reliable signal clarity without failure, and providing a consistent user experience all over the facility while supporting many mission-critical features such as alarms. Wi-Fi Alliance certification provides an outside stamp of approval that lets customers feel secure in their purchase.

-We congratulate Ascom on having attained Wi-Fi certification for its i62 VoWiFi handset, said Kelly Davis-Felner, Vice President of Marketing for Wi-Fi Alliance. Member companies like Ascom are helping to realize Wi-Fi Alliance’s vision for providing the best connected experience across devices, market segments, and geographies.

Summary of Ascom i62 Wi-Fi certifications:







  • Wi-Fi CERTIFIEDTM a, b, g, nWPATM - Enterprise, Personal
  • WPA2TM - Enterprise, Personal



  • WMM® (Wi-Fi MultimediaTM)



The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Interoperability Certificate is available at the following URL: (S

earch for Certification ID: WFA18672)

About Ascom i62
The Ascom i62 handset was the world’s first VoWiFi handset operating on the 802.11n network, and was developed specifically for use in health care settings.

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