Turning zero risk from aspriration to reality at Guerbet Group 

The Guerbet Group is a world-leading manufacturer of contrast agents and devices for diagnostic and interventional imaging and Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Two of its facilities in France are active-ingredient manufacturing plants, and are certified as satisfying the rigorous safety standards of the EU’s Seveso Directive. So when the company decided to upgrade its on-site communications and safety alert system it turned to Ascom...


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Customer reference case - Guerbet Group

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Ascom Customer Story at Guerbet Group, France

The Ascom solution is helping Guerbet satisfy the rigorous standards imposed at two of its Seveso Directive-compliant facilities.

Deep integration with equipment and process alarm systems

One of the key benefits of the Ascom solution at our Seveso Directive-certified plants is the deep integration with equipment and process alarm systems.”

Patrick Cong

IT Project Manager at the Guerbet Group