Improving worker safety and efficiency at Wernsing Feinkost

When Ascom and foodstuffs producer Wernsing Feinkost first discussed a communications solution, one top priority soon emerged: worker safety. That’s because staff often work alone, sometimes in refrigerated warehouses with temperatures of -25°C (-13°)...


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Customer reference case - Wernsing Feinkost

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Ascom Customer Story at Wernsing Feinkost, Germany

The Ascom solution helps maximize worker safety and logistics managment at a large, complex distribution hub.

Real improvements in worker safety and efficiency

The comprehensive communications solution from Ascom has led to real improvements in worker safety and efficiency. Moreover, the scalability of the solution helps protect our investment. We’re delighted to have found in Ascom a strong, trustworthy partner able to support us in these areas.”

Christian Lübbers

IT Director, Wernsing Feinkost