Wander Management and Personalized Monitoring System

Help maximize safety and privacy for residents with discreet monitoring. Ensure wander alerts go directly to carers’ phones. Build detailed resident profiles to enable predictive monitoring. 


Because safety must go hand in hand with dignity and independence

The Wander Management and Personalized Monitoring System uses our teleCARE IP nurse call and SmartSense profile system, and integrates them with Ascom wearables and mobile devices.

  • Discreet monitoring and alerting promotes resident well-being and a nurturing environment
  • Wearable transceivers, location beacons and movement sensors help create a safe space for residents
  • SmartSense helps generates the detailed resident profiles essential for truly personalized care plans
  • Built around the familiar and trusted Ascom teleCARE IP nurse call system

Unite SmartSense: Discreetly profiles the resident, so you can care for the person

Ascom SmartSense combines discreet monitoring (sensors, cameras, wearables, etc.) and software to generate detailed resident profiles. Each profile can then form the basis for truly personalized care plans. It also detects deviations in a resident’s behavior, and automatically sends alerts to assigned carers. 


Ascom teleCARE IP

Trusted by long-term care facilities worldwide, teleCARE IP delivers discreet, filtered, scalable and interoperable nurse call. Integrates with Ascom smartphones and other mobile devices, wearables, and third-party systems. 

“When I pushed the button, help was there immediately”

Rosalyn Cordell,

Resident at the teleCARE IP-equipped The Haven at Windermere assisted living center