Because a friendly voice is often all that’s needed.

Talk-to-Residents–the direct speech solution from Ascom

With a wireless telephone, the nurse can speak directly to the resident and immediately assess his or her needs – without taking a step. This saves movement and time, reducing the nurse’s workload. It is also very calming and reassuring for the resident to hear the voice of the caregiver and know that he or she is nearby if help is needed.

The system allows the nurse to forward a resident's call and assign services by initiating predefined tasks, or automatically escalate the call to the assigned secondary caregiver. Even if the nurse is busy with another resident, the call will not be delayed and the patient’s needs will still be addressed in a timely manner.


A friendly voice is often all that’s needed.


Solution Products



Solution Products


  • How the Ascom Talk-to-Residents solution can help residents and caregivers

    The Talk-to-Residents solution ensures that caregivers can always talk to residents. This lets carers assess the priority level of a resident’s request—without having to walk to a nurse station to use a fixed-line phone, or to the resident’s room to learn more. This liberates time for caregivers, and can help reassure residents that assistance is on the way. There’s more. Caregivers can forward resident calls along a pre-defined escalation chain. Should a resident call go unanswered, the Talk-to-Resident solution automatically routes it to the next assigned carer. Residents’ families benefit too. Talk-to-Residents provides a log of resident calls and staff responses. 

    Ascom Talk-to-residents solution can help both residents and caregivers.
  • Solution architecture

    Ascom Talk-to-residents solution architecture
    Architecture description

    Each solution typically involves a combination of infrastructure, software—usually Ascom Unite software—and mobile devices such as the Android-based Ascom Myco smartphone. Each element is integrated into a solution that delivers smooth collaboration and communication between individual caregivers and care teams.

    Solution products

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