Fix glitches before they become problems.
Fix glitches before they become problems.

Ascom technical alarms–minimize the impact of technical glitches and equipment failures

Technical glitches and equipment failures are a fact of life. But fast, directed responses can minimize their impact. For example, technical and building alarms can go directly to an assigned technician’s mobile handset, helping to ensure the fastest-possible response.

Ensure technical alerts go directly to the right people. Help technicians intervene before small glitches become serious problems. Maximize staff and equipment utilization. Enhance safety by integrating technical alerts with personal safety and on-site communications systems. Keep staff mobile, while keeping them fully informed and in control. Ascom: solutions that keep leisure working.




Solution Products


Solution Products

  • Overview

    Virtually every equipment item and building system (from elevators to HVAC, escalators to pumps) in a leisure facility can be integrated into a wireless Ascom technical alarm solution. At the first sign of trouble or deviations, discrete alerts are sent to the mobile handsets of pre-assigned recipients. Should alerts not be acknowledged/acted upon within certain time frames, they are automatically escalated to others in a pre-determined chain. The amount of data in each alert can be customized and changed to suit changing conditions. Some, for example, can contain location and movement data, as well as technical data such as temperature and pressure values. Ascom solutions are technology- and vendor-neutral. They work on virtually any existing platform, are scalable, and are already working hard at thousands of installations worldwide.            

    Fast facts

    • The leisure industry encompasses an extremely wide range of activities (everything from specialist museums to events drawing crowds in excess of 100,000), limiting the suitability of generic, off-the-shelf communication solutions

    • Ascom technical alarm solutions are technology- and vendor-neutral. They integrate with virtually all existing systems, and are scalable, meaning they can easily be adapted to meet future demands

    • Ascom are experts at complete, integrated solutions for demanding and challenging environments such as the Leisure, Healthcare and Retail industries. Thousands of solutions are currently in use worldwide
  • Solution architecture

    Ascom Unite | Technical alarm solution for hospitality

    Architecture description

    Ascom technical alarm solutions for the leisure industry typically integrate infrastructure, mobile handsets and software. These solutions are open, scalable, and can usually exploit existing communications infrastructure. Scalability means the solution can easily be changed and adapted to future needs. 

    Solution products

    The products shown below are only a part of Ascom’s total hardware and software offering. To see the complete product portfolio, click on ‘Products’ in the main menu. Contact your nearest Ascom office or representative to learn more about specific Ascom solutions, products and services. 

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