Protect the protectors.
Protect the protectors.

Ascom personnel alarm solutions for police stations—less time looking, more time helping 

Knowing the point of origin of a personnel alarm can give responders critical extra seconds and minutes. We use the latest advances in handset, base station and low frequency beacon technology to provide accurate handset locations. Ascom solutions for police stations: so you know when and where to act.

When a colleague is in trouble, every second counts. Especially when the workplace is a police station. That’s why Ascom personal alarm solutions offer location functions. These can pinpoint the location of a personal alarm with room-level accuracy, winning a critical time advantage for responders.




Solution products


Solution products

  • Know when and where to respond with an Ascom personnel alarm solution

    Knowing the position of a colleague in need—especially in a high-risk environment such as a police station—can make all the difference. Which is why Ascom personnel alarm solutions offer advanced positioning functionality. This lets responders know the location of the handset transmitting the alarm. The exact technical configuration of such solutions varies from case to case. The layout of a facility and factors such as wall thickness, prevailing sunlight, and even the clothing worn by device users can influence the eventual solution design. It is not unusual for a solution to comprise a mix of positioning methods, technologies, and infrastructures such as Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS), DECT, Wi-Fi, infrared, and low-frequency radio beacons.


    Fast facts

    • An Ascom personnel safety solution can pinpoint the source of an alarm to a specific room

    • By using a mix of technologies (DECT, Wi-Fi, RTLS, etc.), Ascom can devise a solution for virtually any building design

    • Ascom personnel alarm solutions are already deployed worldwide—bringing peace of mind and security to thousands of at-risk employees
  • Solution architecture

    Ascom Unite at Police Stations | Connecting alarms to handsets with wifi infrastructure

    Architecture description

    Does your organization need room-level locating accuracy? Are low-frequency radio beacons suited to your facility’s design? Do you also want to track and trace the movement of valuable equipment items? The answers to these and other questions determine the design of your Ascom personal alarm solution. 

    Solution products

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