Reacting to live events in highly organised environments

The huge impact that fast unfolding events have on business is plain to see right now as enterprises the world over battle to limit the impacts of coronavirus.

COVID-19 has thrown industries with highly organised environments such as retail, manufacturing and healthcare into a state of flux like never before.

Already we have seen many huge organisations change their entire business models almost overnight. Major supermarkets have rapidly created innovative delivery and online services. Manufacturers have refocussed operations to produce new essential equipment. Entire new hospitals have been created using public space buildings.

Right now Ascom is working with many major healthcare organisations, supermarket chains and secure establishments to help them realise their new business goals. So to help embed the same versatility, we’re shedding light on the principles of successful response.

Data gathering and mining – with insight comes agility

In highly organised environments, the ability to react to change has always been essential, but COVID-19 has challenged entire industries and huge companies to change direction on the head of a pin.

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, our global teams have been working with organisations operating in essential industries to help them embed the technology they need to respond. Data is the central pillar. It underpins all aspects of societal need. Data sets enable enterprises to adapt, respond, refine and ultimately to meet our needs by delivering new or materially different services.

Connected, open-architecture programmes like the Ascom Unite, help organisations to build an exact picture of requirement, workforce availability and stock or supply levels. As such, despite their size, organisations have known, precisely, the parameters within which they are working.

How to act on data – the biggest secret of enterprise

Perhaps more important than data, is a means of acting on the insight it provides. Throughout COVID-19 mobile handsets and enterprise-grade smartphones have underpinned the fast, coordinated response of many leading businesses and public providers.

Mobile worker devices have enabled management to precisely guide the deployment of the whole workforce, to communicate their plans, get everybody pulling in the same direction and refine tactics in real-time.

In times of flux and stability alike, data gathering, consolidation, insight and the ability to react quickly will help your business to adapt while remaining productive.

Bringing it together for data guided operations

Many businesses gather data, often unwittingly, in siloes and without any organised process. Building on this by consolidating it and mining it is the next essential step.

Critically, using data to guide staff and operations with precision, will give your business the tools to be productive and the agility to change course in times of uncertainty.

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