Patient-carer communications system for emergency response locations

To help with the increased demand for quick and easy communications between patients and carers as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and due to the shortages in PPE for hospitals and care homes around the UK, we have developed a communications system that can be installed in ad hoc hospitals and other emergency response locations as needed.

The system was developed in consultation with healthcare clients who needed a solution to enhance safety due to PPE shoratges and to improve communications on the COVID-19 wards. We were asked to come up with a quick to install solution for locations that do not have the usual infrastructure of a standard hospital.

This communications system:

    ■  enables voice and text messaging communication

    ■  is disinfectant-ready

    ■  is quick to install and easy to use.

How does it work?

1.   Every patient has an Ascom i63 handset – attached to their bed.

2.   The handset has a pre-configured alarm button that sends an alert to a similar handset held by every clinician you choose.

3.   They can return to the patient immediately or speak to them via the handset, while notifying other staff that they are detailing with the patient call.

4.   Staff can easily contact each other wherever they are.

Patient-carer communications explained:

   ■  Ascom i63 VoWiFi handset with the patient activates a call via a button on the handset.

   ■  The Ascom messaging platform knows which handset has activated a call and distributes a message out to the relevant responders.

    ■  A voice gateway has been put on to the solution to allow speech between Ascom i63 handsets. This would allow caregivers to communicate with each other and with the patients if required.

The system can be pre-configured remotely, installed within two weeks, and comes with immediate user training and ongoing support. It will support up to 5,000 mobile devices.

Our mobile devices are enterprise-grade and, unlike consumer devices, can be disinfected regularly without damage, to support better infection control.



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