Maximum security. For every facility.
Maximum security. For every facility.

Ascom solutions for prisons

Deploy proven wireless communications solutions; systems designed specifically for the physical and operational demands of prisons. Help maximise staff safety with the latest in positioning, man-down and alarm functionality. Integrate with existing communications and control and access systems. Use rugged handsets built to withstand the toughest environments. Secure your communications with advanced encryption and mobile device management features. Ascom solutions for prisons - secure systems for secure environments.




  • Technical alarm solutions for prisons >

    Technical alarm solutions for prisons >

    Technical and equipment faults in prisons demand swift responses. Which is one reason why Ascom solutions are so rugged and dependable. And so widely used in the most secure, most challenging environments. Ascom: communications for prisons.
  • Personnel alarms for prisons >

    Personnel alarms for prisons >

    A prison guard slips, falls and knocks himself unconscious. How can he possibly send an alarm to colleagues? If he were carrying an Ascom d81 handset, the device’s tilt sensor would automatically kick into action… sending an alarm to co-workers. It’s just one of the ways Ascom solutions maximises safety for vulnerable personnel.