ASCOM 2020 – Reaching sustainable growth with strategic shift to healthcare ICT

The Ascom Group is investing in sustainable growth to become a leader of workflow solutions in healthcare ICT based on the plan Ascom 2020.

The healthcare ICT market shows a lot of potential for sustainable and profitable growth. Ascom is providing high-end solutions which can transform the way high-pressure healthcare environments work. Better patient care and better ways of working can all be enabled by the sophisticated solutions of Ascom. After increasing the investments in healthcare ICT step by step over the past years the Ascom Group is well positioned to benefit from the opportunities the healthcare market is holding.

Wireless Solutions

Ascom Wireless Solutions is an established global leader in the provision of competitive solutions for wireless on-site communication to support and optimize mission-critical processes. Our main focus is healthcare – hospitals, senior care and independent living – but we are also active in industry, secure establishments, retail and the hotel sector.

One specific area where we have established long-term success is within mission-critical communication in hospitals.

Network Testing

Ascom Network Testing offers the TEMS portfolio, a complete set of trusted solutions for drive testing, analyzing, benchmarking, and monitoring mobile network performance.

Ascom Network Testing is the wireless communications drive-test market leader with nearly 40% market share.  With 650+ customers in more than 130 countries, including the top 20 mobile operators, major infrastructure suppliers, and service providers, TEMS is the world's most trusted technology for deploying, monitoring and assuring quality of service for broadband wireless networks.