Ascom Unite Connect for Nurse Call

Delivering quicker response to patient requests and assistance calls

Connect for Nurse Call delivers alerts, messaging and voice integration to leading nurse call systems, allowing clinicians to respond more quickly to patient requests. By delivering a message to a nurse’s mobile device, nurses can more consistently provide quality care. 

Response time is critical to how well caregivers meet their patients’ needs. Integrating wireless devices with Nurse Call systems speeds up communications between patients and caregivers. Caregivers are notified within seconds when a patient presses their call button, pulls a bath cord, or when a clinical coworker initiates a Code Blue or Staff Assist call from the patient’s room. Automatic escalation helps reduce response time and the risk of human error.


Keeping the focus on patient care


Fast facts

  • Integrates with leading nurse call systems to communicate patient call requests
  • Delivers 2-way, interactive messaging to wireless devices
  • Provides secondary alert notification for patient calls
  • Enables softkey-enabled callback to patient room
  • Provides automatic escalation of nurse call event based on response


  • Keeps cargiver and assigned patients connected via a wireless device
  • Enables caregiver to determine patient needs before walking into patient room
  • Streamlines patient call workflow
  • Helps deliver a consistent quality of care
  • Enables quieter patient environment by reducing overhead paging
  • Provides team notification for critical events like ”Code Blue”

Supporting documents

Unite Connect for Nurse Call Product Sheet

Unite Connect for Nurse Call Product Sheet

Product sheet

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