Corridor Displays

Ascom Telligence Corridor Displays help to quickly notify caregivers to the needs of patients. Easy to read, color coded characters with programmable tones help staff prioritize responses based on call severity. This state-of-the-art technology promotes efficiency, and enhanced care while helping to create a more pleasant environment.

This IP-based display is suitable for use in many environments and may be wall or ceiling mounted for easy installation. It is available as a single or double sided unit with a 6-character or a 12-character display.


Easy to read signage helps improve visibility to patient needs


Fast facts

  • Up to 12 characters visible, plus horizontal scrolling for long messages
  • Multi-color messaging display to distinguish priorities
  • Optional tone annunciation to alert staff
  • LAN connectivity with Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Suitable for wall mounting or ceiling suspension
  • Can display up to 30 separate messages


  • Provides clear visibility to patient calls to help speed response times.
  • Promotes a quieter, more soothing environment over loud tones.
  • Color indications allow staff to quickly distinguish between call priorities.
  • Reduces steps for caregivers by providing information visible throughout the ward.
  • Prioritizes events to allow caregivers to manage responses.

Related Products

Specific functions and features of the Ascom Telligence 5 system might require additional Ascom products or software to be installed. 
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