Digistat Asset Management

Digistat Asset Management is a powerful and easy-to-use asset management system especially designed for medical devices.  This completely Web-based technology can be used anywhere within the hospital's intranet network and is compatible with major browsers on the market. Digistat Asset Management doesn't require installation on the client workstation.


Main features

Web based solution

Digistat Asset Management is a entirely based on web technology system for the technical, organizational and financial management of biomedical equipment and all assets of a clinical engineering services.

Digistat Asset Management web based technology results in:

  • absence of accessory software installations on the client (i.e. Java Applet)
  • maximum system accessibility via the network
  • no software updated required on the client
  • support to a reduction of operating costs
  • utilization of mobile supports with different browsers / Operating Systems (Android,   IOS, Windows Surface, etc ...)
  • use of all browsers on the market (HTML5)

It can be used anywhere within the hospital intranet and on the internet, with any computer with a browser. Digistat Asset Management does not require any installation on workstations and is compatible with all major browsers on the market.


Digistat Asset Management can be easily and extensively customized from the needs of users to the system administrator, without any special programming knowledge. The complete configurability of the software enables variations and implementations in all its extent, in a short time and in a simple and intuitive way.  Users are assigned specific permissions, individual or group, and everyone is guaranteed access to a subset of functions and data appropriate to the role. The user interface is extremely intuitive and has been rated very highly on ease-on-use by all surveyed user categories.

Digistat Asset Management supports the work of all those involved:

  • users of biomedical technologies
  • system administrators
  • device manufacturers, maintenance managers
  • engineers and bioengineers
  • executives
  • department clinicians

Main benefits


The basic version of Digistat Asset Management includes:

  •  biomedical equipment inventory management 
  •  the management of log (manages all the documentation produced in Digistat Asset Management)
  •  the recording of the electrical safety testing and functional checks
  •  handling intervention requests
  •  recording of internal corrective maintenance activities
  •  recording of external corrective maintenance activities
  •  out-of-orders recording
  •  monitoring response times, goods unavailability, both for internal and external interventions
  •  management of maintenance contracts
  •  analysis of the cost, depreciation, the revalued amount and the residual value of the asset
  •  analysis of the cost of maintenance contracts, calls and interventions
  •  analysis of the defect, the time of intervention and recovery and updating
  •  research data in each section (goods, invoices, testing, calls, suppliers, etc.) based on any search criteria using easy multiple search windows and combine

Available in a wide range of modules to improve Digistat Asset Management characteristics:

Communicator Module

Communicator module allows appropriate automatically send e-mail to specific accounts. (related to the workflow)

eDocument Module

eDocument module enriches Digistat Asset Management of an electronic system for items uploading. This module allows to link items to every type of entity managed by Digistat

Calendar Module

Module dedicated to the programming of preventive maintenance and safety checks.

Stock Management Module

Module for the management of warehouse with loading and unloading materials, items management, supplier management and orders.

Safety Upload Module

Module dedicated to the automatic loading of safety checks files provided by suppliers or produced by software related to measuring instruments (text file).

RPI Module – Replacement Priority Index

Module that allows the calculation of the priorities of replacement of medical equipment by hospital management 

Multivendor version

The system allows you to use a single physical installation (one database) which manages a network of units (e.g. hospital units), with a need for independent inventory and contracts management. Aggregate information and details that are obtainable by the biomedical department supervisors allow analysis of benchmark otherwise difficult to obtain

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