“In the ICU, situational awareness must never be degraded”

The continuous situational awareness of the nursing staff is essential for patient safety, especially in the ICU and Cardiac Care Unit, where changes in the patient’s condition can be rapid and dramatic. In Vaasa Central Hospital, situational awareness is enhanced by increasing the focus on smart technology. 

According to Anna Cederholm, head nurse of the ICU and Cardiac Care Unit at Vaasa Central Hospital, the new technology significantly improves both patient safety and well-being of the nursing staff.

 - However, this requires that the technology serves the actual needs of its users and performs as planned. If the technology is lagging, it can even become a strain on staff," says Cederholm.

Cederholm would like to thank Ascom for the Ascom Clinical Consultation concept, which involves the care staff to the design of technology solutions.

"When the needs and wishes of the care staff are listened to at the planning stage, the result is usually successful. Participating in the planning also helps to understand how the new technology aims to make the care work easier. This in turn motivates to learn to use new systems and promotes their adoption."

In her work, the head nurse often says that she is thinking of new technological applications or expanding existing solutions. 

"I guess I am a woman who likes comfort, as I think that technology should be used whenever possible," Cederholm laughs. 

The cooperation with Ascom has been fruitful for Cederholm, who has been actively involved in the development of new solutions.

"It feels like Ascom is a company that is ready to listen to our wishes and develop new solutions by listening to the care staff."

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