Enterprise solutions

Smartphones for enterprise apps
Ascom Myco 3 smartphones are Android Enterprise Recommended devices*. Built for tough environments, they are the perfect platform for specialist and enterprise-grade apps. *Android is a registered trademark of Google PLC.
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Enterprise voice communication and collaboration
Outstanding voice quality and reliability from enterprise-grade mobile devices—all certified as interoperable with industry-standard PBXs and on-site and cloud-based voice platforms.
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Alerting and messaging orchestration for mobile staff
Maximise uptime and efficiency with filtered, context-rich alarms from processes, people and equipment to mobile staff.
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Personal alarms for vulnerable and lone workers
Enhance employee confidence and peace-of-mind. Push-button, silent, man-down and no-movement alarm functions mean help is always close at hand.
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Practical ways to enhance the safety, dignity and quality of life of residents in long-term care facilities
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