Ascom DURAsuite

Safeguard the security and well-being of your employees and clients

Ascom DURAsuite is an end-to-end duress and messaging management solution to protect your staff and clients. It offers scalable and advanced software that allows messaging and alarms from various sources, including personal duress alerts, nurse call systems, building management, and more through our integrated technology. Ascom DURAsuite consists of a range of modules to support alarm management and mission-critical messaging that are customisable.

DURAsuite Highlights

Real-time alarm management
Logging of all alarm activity
Customise for specific workflows
Event analysis
Integrated technology
The Fundamentals of Hospital Duress Whitepaper

Honeycomb Strategy conducted research with a panel of experts on the state of duress in hospitals across Australia and New Zealand. This white paper summarises the present situation of duress and suggests improvements.

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