Communication and coordination systems for long-term care, aged care and assisted living facilities

A uniquely broad range of solutions to help ensure safety, dignity and privacy for residents and long-term care patients. To promote a calm, coordinated and efficient workplace for mobile carers.

Activity Monitoring Solution
Discover how Ascom's Activity Monitoring solution enhances resident freedom & safety in long-term care through the delivery of more personalized care plans.
Activity Monitoring solution
Smartphones for long-term care apps
Enable digital mobile working by giving carers access to the care apps and information they need—wherever they are—on one mobile device.
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Alert management system
Send alerts and messages from existing systems (such as nurse call and technical alarms) to carers’ mobile devices. Help ensure alerts are received by the right person, actioned or escalated.
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Resident Response and Nurse Call System
Enhance residents’ safety with a combination of innovative and nurse call mobile devices. Optimise workflows for staff, and enable digital reporting and auditing.
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Wander management and personalised monitoring system
Discreet digital monitoring of residents provides security and dignity, with wander alerts going directly to mobile carers. Enables smart analysis of residents’ behavioural data for personalised, predictive and proactive care.
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