Ascom Australia expands its Healthcare Platform offering with the launch of its Clinical Data Management Software

Ascom will showcase its sophisticated Digistat suite of clinical data management modules at Nurse Informatics Conference 2018 

July 26, 2018

Ascom an international provider of ICT-based communication solutions for the healthcare sector, will be launching Digistat Software Suite at the  Nurse Informatics Conference in Sydney. The software suite specifically designed for hospital staff, caregivers, and administrator.

In today’s clinical environments data is everywhere, but timely access to contextually relevant, digital information can still be a challenge. The platform aims to address the complexity of clinical care by optimising the flow of information in the hospital by supporting the clinical decision-making process. For instance, the Ascom Vital application on show at the conference lets caregivers record vital parameters and perform guided scoring calculations at the bedside. Helping to achieve faster, more accurate and direct registration of vitals into the Electronic Medical Record.

The Digistat application suite is designed for clinicians, nurses, and administrators aiming to reduce time spent on finding information, manual entries. The software modules can be configured into numerous solutions especially for ICUs, surgical and OR management, medical device integration, and the centralised display of patient data collected from multiple medical devices.

"We are very pleased to bring the Digistat Portfolio to the Australian & New Zealand market as we believe it will play a big part in handling complex clinical challenge by delivering tangible benefits: fewer instances of miscommunication, preventing double documentation errors, increasing the time available for direct patient care.- “Feargal O’Farrell, Managing Director of Ascom Australia.

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