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Thousands of hospitals around the world trust Ascom healthcare communication solutions. Interoperable with a vast range of existing healthcare systems and medical devices, these solutions help clinicians deliver even better care in even less time. They are modular and easily adaptable to changing needs and conditions. Ascom healthcare solutions: from consulting to critical care management and everything in between.

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Practical ways to enhance the safety, dignity and quality of life of residents in long-term care facilities
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ECRI Institute (2014) Top 10 Health Technology Hazards for 2015 [online] available from [12 February 2016]

Hendrich, A., Chow, MP., Skierczynski, BA., Lu, Z. (2008) ‘A 36-Hospital Time and Motion Study: How Do Medical-Surgical Nurses Spend Their Time?’ The Permanente Journal 12 (3), 25-34 

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