Mobile Heartbeat is a leading provider of clinical collaboration software, including MH-CURE and Banyan™.

Mobile Heartbeat® is a leading clinical communication and collaboration company with the goal of driving collaborative care and positive patient outcomes throughout the healthcare enterprise. The original platform, MH-CURE®, enables every role in every unit, department and facility to communicate with context, which streamlines clinical workflows, accelerates decision-making and—most importantly—improves patient care. The Banyan™ Platform is a cloud-hosted communication solution that powers modular capabilities and services to streamline care coordination across the healthcare continuum. The applications on the Banyan Platform provide reliable and scalable ways for clinicians to reach the right colleague with the right information, instantly. Hundreds of thousands of nurses, physicians and allied health workers at the largest, most complex healthcare systems in the United States rely on Mobile Heartbeat to power their communications.

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