2023 Could Be The Year Healthcare Moves To Push Technology

In 2023, I believe we’re going to see the shift from a pull model of patient information to a push model through intelligent alarming, early warning scoring and medical device integration directly to a nurse via a mobile handset. This type of technology has been successfully deployed in the most critical environments, like the ICU, but now it’s filtering down to other medical-surgical or general care environments, which is truly a game-changing model for patients and for caregivers.

December 23, 2022

In U.S. hospitals, the rate of technology adoption increased dramatically during the pandemic, including investments in the digital front door to telehealth. In 2023, we see healthcare systems moving beyond the predominant pull model when it comes to access to clinical information to a push model as more hospitals invest in the last-mile technologies designed to deliver information directly into the care provider’s hands at the bedside. Read more in Forbes from Ascom America's Managing Director, Kelly Feist. 

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