Ascom Workflow Solutions Tested Hack-Proof at MISI Cybersecurity Conference

A recent JAMA report found that between 2016-2021, cyberattacks on hospitals and health systems more than doubled. 

September 28, 2023

A recent JAMA report found that between 2016-2021, cyberattacks on hospitals and health systems more than doubled. With this statistical backdrop, the Maryland Innovation and Security Institute, (“MISI”) recently held a hack the building Hospital edition event, designed to create real world practical experiences for the nation’s brightest students from the Department of Defense and the National Security Agency Academic Centers of Excellence in Cybersecurity, (“NCAE-C”).

Ascom Healthcare leaders and SecureXperts participated in the conference, helping to provide students real-time training in cyber warfare and in strategies to defend our most critical infrastructure protection sectors, including hospitals and buildings. Student teams worked in either offensive or defense capacity using technical scenarios constructed with real world hardware, software and automation systems technology, including connected medical devices.

Defending Critical Technology Systems In The Hospital – A Scenario

Ascom and SecureXperts integrated our hardware and software solutions Digistat and the Black Pearl SXI products into the hospital scenario to protect the highest value object— a baby in the neonatal intensive care unit. The scenario required a team to defeat physical and logical security controls to win.

Michael Augusti, Head of Market Innovation for Ascom Healthcare Solutions said, “Our partnership with SecureXperts has helped us drive strong service delivery for our customers as we achieve formal DoD ATO accreditation.  We understand the need to keep our Healthcare solutions as secure as possible to promote public safety and health worldwide and were pleased to be a part of this experience.”

Despite high level technical attacks launched by the 19 finalist teams from more than 480 Centers of Academic Excellence, the Ascom and SecureXperts solution remained resilient to the sophisticated attacks conducted locally and remotely by the competing teams.

Darnell Washington, President/CEO of SecureXperts stated, “The use of our cellular LTE network technology and the Digital Asset Defense Environment including the Black Pearl computing equipment protected our network against the sophisticated physical and logical attacks that are prevalent in current hospital environments.”

Gregg Smith, President and CEO of the Maryland Innovation and Security Institute, (“MISI”) stated that the best and brightest minds are needed to solve today’s modern cybersecurity challenges and events such as “Hack the Hospital” create the awareness and ability to develop these technical skills for a more secure nation.  The combined Ascom and SecureXperts solution ‘raised the bar’ to deny and defend our Hospitals to against adversarial attackers with malicious intent to infiltrate and disrupt our critical infrastructure.”



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