Building Healthcare Solutions One System At A Time

Jarvis Rodgers likes solving problems. Whether it’s the logistics of managing his three children’s busy schedules or designing a system diagram for a nurse call customer. As a sales engineer at Ascom Americas, Rodgers has found his niche in helping hospital customers get their communications workflow solutions right. ”My favorite part about my job now is getting out and being in front of customers at a technical level and figuring out what we're trying to solve, and then delivering it.”

His Ascom story started a decade ago in logistics where he worked in warehouse shipping and receiving. After a stint in an administrative position his initiative steered his career to a more technical angle in engineering. “I started taking networking and IT courses inside and outside of Ascom to gain that knowledge. One of my favorite things about Ascom since I've been working here is the ability to move up in the company.”

Fast forward to today – Rodgers spends many of his days traveling and meeting with acute healthcare customers and brings back the voice of the customer to the organization. He credits Ascom’s interoperability with other nurse call systems as a selling point that makes a difference with customers. “That's a big advantage in the health care market. We can go into a brand new hospital and set it up from top to bottom with all Ascom.”

As Ascom responded to the pandemic with a flexible, remote-friendly work environment, Rogers feel supported to work the way he works best. “Working in a hybrid environment has been great because the comfortability is there. You're in your own comfort zone. When I'm in my comfort zone, that's when I perform my best work.”

Ascom supports employees with strong benefits and meaningful work, helping us reach our vision of closing digital information gaps for the best possible decisions in mission-critical environments. That sense of purpose creates meaningful careers that inspire employees like Rodgers each day. 

“We're able to save lives. We're able to make nurses lives a little bit easier and that touches my heart. I've been in NICUs and PICUs and seeing those tiny babies, it's definitely a privilege and an honor to make nurses lives a little bit easier as well as patients.”

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