It’s A Small World in Clinical Communication and Collaboration

North America, France, Italy, UK, China, Switzerland… and a host of countries around the world make up the global Ascom family. A total of 18 regions, in fact. Chris Talbot, Senior VP of Sales & Marketing, enjoys the dynamic of working and collaborating in a global company, that’s not too big for its size.

Prior to joining Ascom Talbot spent his career in Telecommunications with some of those roles in Fortune 500 companies. Reflecting back on his career path he feels he wasn’t afforded the same opportunities with these other companies working abroad than he is now with Ascom. “Ascom really does bring those opportunities to not only travel abroad, but also to work in other regions and actually live in other regions, too.”

Family and commitments have kept Talbot rooted in North America but he’s been able to travel abroad and experience other parts of the business in other countries which has helped propel his career further in a global role. “I was fortunate enough to come into the North American region, run marketing and sales for a while. And then I was afforded the opportunity to go into a global type role where I am able to run all of the segment based marketing on a global basis and help uplift the company overall,” says Talbot.

Today, Talbot gets to collaborate with colleagues from a variety of disciplines and locations every day. It’s the exchange of ideas with people with unique perspectives that has helped broaden his thinking and facilitated problem solving and creative thinking. When you can share ideas and exchange information freely with other people from around the world it broadens your horizons at the local level.

“I think looking at Ascom, as an employee, brings a wealth of opportunity that you're simply not able to find in many other, certainly domestic or even global companies. Ascom has made a serious commitment to really cross-pollinating its employees and making sure that we bring the best from whatever region and make sure that that excellence can be expressed into the other regions or into a global level”.

Regardless of where you live, here in the United States or across the globe, regardless of where you work, whether it’s remote or in the office, and regardless of your role, whether its regional or global, anything is possible in Ascom’s pursuit of improving clinical communication and collaboration. 

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