What if?

Director of Product Management Jeff McCormick shares some of the benefits of the integrated workflows enabled by the latest Telligence patient response system.

February 4, 2021

Do you ever think, “What if?”

• Busy clinicians could save time and  steps during busy shifts

• You could centralize and automate communications and patient requests with improved reporting capabilities

• You could improve HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) Scores

• You could save money and streamline communication between patients and caregivers

These are the topics I discuss with our customers almost every day. And YES! You can.

One of the biggest challenges that I hear about every day is that hospital staff are increasingly stressed managing the cacophony of patient requests, alarms, and alerts. Layering in larger than normal patient-to-caregiver caseloads leads to fatigue for your staff, impacting retention rates and pushing both your staff, administration and patients to a breaking point. Our integrated solutions help with every one of these pain points and can lead to:

• Better care coordination between all care providers

• Increased efficiency

• Improved HCAHPS  scores

“What if” you could “Talk Before You Walk”?

Most nurse call systems place responsibility on a single caregiver to triage and respond to patient requests. Communicating the requested service to the appropriate caregiver can be a multi-step and time consuming process. Current workflows include unnecessary tasks and contribute to wait times for the patient, negatively impacting satisfaction scores.  We help customers automate these communications using mobile devices and patient response systems, improving response times and patient satisfaction while reducing steps. Streamlining and mobilizing workflows is at the heart of the Ascom Healthcare Platform.

“What if” you could save time by:

• routing patient requests to staff via a mobile device via an automated escalation process, reducing time to respond to patient needs

• sending customized alert notifications and events to the right caregiver with patient information, location, and needs right to their mobile device

• triggering an automated and enhanced reporting process

Instead of trying to provide care via a patchwork of systems, our team can help you build a modern patient response system that brings all aspects of patient and staff needs together into an intuitive communications hub. Compared to traditional nurse call systems, our leading-edge technologies keep the patient at the center of care.

Our solutions use role-based assignments that can automatically route requests based on the patient event to the appropriate clinician (RN, aide, etc) improving your use of personnel. Whether a request for a blanket or an alert from a medical device, using pre-set workflows, Ascom software and hardware work together to route the calls to the right staff without having every patient alert or call routed through the centralized nursing admin desk. Not only can you save time and potentially improve HCAHPS scores, but these streamlined workflows can also positively impact alarm fatigue.

Because our solutions integrate with mobile devices, your staff won’t have to track down doctors and other team members for follow up on notifications and requests. And Automatic Rounding keeps caregivers on schedule with the ability to report back with real-time information.

The Results?

• Improved patient-to-staff and staff-to-staff communication

• Alarms and patient needs can be routed to the appropriate level of staff, improving resource utilization

• Data is captured for reporting and can be integrated into the EHR, saving time between patient care and record management

• Automated Location features on mobile devices enables real-time tracking and reporting of when caregivers enter and exit a patient room

What challenges does your facility face today? I’d like to hear about your issues and opportunities and start a dialogue about how to tackle them together.


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