Ascom Myco 3 Launch at HIMSS 19

Ascom announces the release of the Ascom Myco 3, its newest, innovative smart device purpose-built for healthcare.

February 13, 2019

HIMSS 19 ORLANDO – Ascom, a global solutions provider focused on healthcare ICT and mobile workflows, announces the release of the Ascom Myco 3, its newest, innovative smart device purpose-built for healthcare, today at HIMSS19 where it is exhibiting and offering demos in booth #1533, February 11 - 15. Together, the Ascom Myco 3 and the Ascom Healthcare Platform bridge communication gaps between patient, nurse and care team to open a gateway to the world’s largest ecosystem of software innovations and care management applications focused on clinical workflows.  

The Ascom Myco 3 is the latest addition to Ascom’s ‘My Companion’ series of professional smart devices. It was designed to be the clinician’s indispensable, professional tool, delivering critical patient information and team communication to the caregiver’s hand while enabling actionable clinical insights for better-informed, coordinated and streamlined care delivery. Developed to fulfill the requirements of leading EHR mobile apps, the Ascom Myco 3 is shareable across shifts, with a truly hot swappable battery that is easily switched without powering down or even entering a sleep mode. Apps continue to communicate and function as normal while the battery is replaced. Contrasted with consumer devices not designed for the harsh healthcare environment, the Ascom Myco 3 combines the ease-of-use of an Android™ smartphone with robust enterprise-level security and durability.

“Mission Hospital, part of Providence St. Joseph Health Hospital system in California, first deployed Ascom Mycos to multiple disciplines in our facilities as “the One” device of our mobile computing platform, enabling us to deliver critical care information right to the hands of our clinicians, including integrated nurse call and alert and alarm notification management, secure messaging, dynamic team staffing assignment, woundcare and newborn photo capturing, secure team collaboration app, and the ability for clinicians to view live waveforms from patient monitors and 12-lead ECGs in near-real time on their Mycos,” shares Kristen Robb, IS Strategic Partner/Director, Providence St. Joseph Health. “Based on the success of that implementation, we plan to roll out the next-generation Ascom Myco 3 later this year, and are particularly excited by how it will support our new initiatives going forward such as data collection from infusion and IV pumps, barcode scanning for BMV (Bedside Medication Verification), and Real Time Location Services (RTLS).”

Rob Goldman, President, Ascom North America comments, “We built the new Ascom Myco 3 to turn multi-step, multi-location processes into streamlined workflows and enable more efficient care at the bedside. The Ascom Myco 3 is an essential tool that clinicians can use to do everything from collect and register vitals in the EHR, accept or re-direct alerts and securely collaborate with colleagues to review labs and clinical data, scan barcodes, and photograph and share detailed images. We are proud and excited to demo the device in our booth with customers and partners at HIMSS.”

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