Ascom Launches Ascom RemoteWatch™ to Boost IT Uptime and Reliability for Clinicians

Ascom, a global solutions provider focused on healthcare information and communications technology (ICT) and mobile workflows, today announced it’s launching Ascom RemoteWatchTM.

April 2, 2024

Ascom, a global solutions provider focused on healthcare information and communications technology (ICT) and mobile workflows, today announced it’s launching Ascom RemoteWatch™. Ascom RemoteWatch™ the company’s first remote monitoring service, provides remote monitoring of the Ascom Healthcare Platform (AHP) to help hospitals identify technical issues before they have the potential to impact nursing workflows and patient care.

Ascom RemoteWatch™ gives clinicians extra confidence in the Ascom Healthcare Platform solutions and connected technologies that they rely on to provide patient care. It can help prevent patient alarm issues by detecting when there are potential interruptions to clinical workflows, and it helps IT teams to meet their five nines uptime goal for system reliability.

Ascom RemoteWatch™ works by continually scanning the Ascom Solution to ensure Ascom software, hardware and other interfacing applications and devices are working as intended. It operates 24x7 with a team of support engineers who can notify customers of any issues needing to be addressed.

“We designed this new service to help hospital IT teams meet their five 9 uptime goal for a system that’s fully operational 99.999% of the time,” said Chris LaFratta, Head of Customer Success, Ascom Americas. “Only Ascom brings this comprehensive a solution to the market, and we know this level of monitoring and proactivity will help ensure the clinicians who rely on Ascom clinical workflow solutions can have high confidence in the tools they’re using.”

With technology playing an integral part of meeting the objectives of the Quadruple Aim, IT teams need a holistic, systemic view of digital nursing technology tools. Only Ascom RemoteWatch™ can bring this peace of mind, for small IT teams that need a constant set of eyes on the system and for large IT teams that want a safety net for the technologies critical to nurses and patient care.

As Ascom survey1 found that 33.6 percent of nurses identified nurse call as the top technology tool or solution to do their job. It also found that nurses want technology to help them provide better patient care by reducing steps/redundancies, focusing on direct patient care and do more with integrated information.

Designed to be Flexible and Configurable

Ascom RemoteWatch’s™ flexible service can be configured to monitor multiple parameters for what hospital IT staff care about most: ​

·       Alarm level monitoring​

·       Server level monitoring (CPU, RAM, disk space, certificate, etc.) ​

·       Monitoring of entire AHP (Unite, Telligence, third party integrations, mobile devices and medical device integration)​

Customers can take advantage of flat pricing at the facility level so they can take advance of the service whether they have one or many Ascom solutions. 

Pricing and Availability2

Customers must have an existing software maintenance agreement in place with Ascom for their installed Ascom software to purchase Ascom RemoteWatch™. Ascom RemoteWatch™ costs $9,600 per year for a facility. Customers can purchase Ascom RemoteWatch™ through Ascom’s network of channel partners or Ascom sales representatives.  

1Nursing Satisfaction: What Matters At Work, Ascom. Sept. 2021.

2Pricing and availability subject to change.


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