Canadian Ascom Partner Worldwide Security Earns OCNI Nuclear Industry Innovation Award

Ascom’s DECT Mobility Platform the Backbone for Award-winning Standardized Solution Offering Robust High-Capacity and Security.

July 13, 2020

MORRISVILLE – Ascom Americas’ partner Worldwide Security Ltd. based in Mississauga, Ontario recently earned the prestigious Innovation Award from The Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries (OCNI) for developing innovative wireless communications and establishing a new performance standard for in-vault communications for the nuclear industry. Worldwide Security standardized its nuclear clients on a turnkey solution that utilizes Ascom’s DECT mobility platform, including rugged handsets, special hardened in-vault enclosures, and messaging software.

Robert Dyk, President of Worldwide Security, shares, “We are very pleased that our extensive vetting and numerous successful deployments of this integrated Ascom solution was recognized by our peers in the nuclear industry, which must keenly focus on security, worker safety and production uptime. In response to their requirements for high-capacity and robust wireless communication in this hazardous environment, we used Ascom’s rugged mobile handsets with integration and messaging software for an extremely dynamic, almost infinitely scalable, and agile multi-point system focused on superior audio quality, and virtually 100% up-time.  Our unique Radiation Protection Talkback Console system enables the seamless integration of communications with all personnel instantly, representing a dramatic safety improvement.”

The Worldwide Security solution also has applications in other industry settings that require similar coverage and protection, such as maritime, mining, oil and gas, heavy industry, and clean area manufacturing.

“The nuclear industry requires a communications solution with near 100% uptime, and one that is ready to go ‘out of the box’ without extensive or specialized training. Worldwide Security is an exemplary partner which put its three decades of experience to work establishing and advancing new performance standards and turnkey deployment,” said Shelly Bond, Ascom Vice President and Sales Development - Canada. “We are working closely with them as they expand the applicability of this solution into other industries requiring mission-critical communications that improve production and help to mitigate risk.’

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